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Username Penguino
Health  100%
Strength 4,769,037,287
Country Hidden
Cash $ 57,958,612,710 Member since 2021-12-02 1:22 AM
Bank account $ 2,586,768,481,334 Referred by No referral
Family Regulators Last online 2022-04-25 1:24 PM
Gender Male Attacks won 48
Rank God Tier (lvl 1) Attacks lost 32
Respect points 83 Murders 3
Protection No Missions completed 20
Personal text
Hello lovely citizens of the world. I come to you as a humble business man that has clearly jumped through all the hoops to be successful and on the straight and narrow. I've gotten my hands dirty when needed, but I've always cleaned them quickly. I am certainly someone to have on your side and not to be crossed.

I will run my companies with only my Family in mind. Joining my Family, is not an easy task. Very select individuals are let into the inner circle. Family is first. If they've got a problem with you, I've got a problem with you. No questions asked.

I will continue to be President of Switzerland for years to come, if you want to contest this.... we will have a tumble.

As the warden of the Prison in Italy. I will release you for free as long as I see you in there. Do not request it. For this reason, if I don't see you, its expensive to get out to cover the costs of everyone that got out for free.

If you have made my Friend's list, then you are protected by me. Those that have made my Enemies list... have certainly made a strong enemy.

Do you want to mess with the Penguino? Think again.

Current Stats (12/20/21):
Street hookers 24
Hookers behind a window 3,415
Cars stolen 954
Jail Busts 679

Grand Moments:
1000 Hookers behind a window! 12/7/21 9:00AM EST
2000 Hookers behind a window! 12/13/21 6:30AM EST
1 billion in bank! 12/20/21 4:30PM EST
GOD TIER! 12/22/21 7:20AM EST
Mafia Palace 12/22/21 7:21AM EST
TopDawg Regulators 1,665,774,983
RikkiTikki No family 434,716,432
Bill_Gates No family 1,697,720
TopDawg Regulators 1,665,774,983
2War No family 4,118
skankydave No family 0
RikkiTikki No family 434,716,432
zoltron No family 0
TwinBlade No family 1,769
SmolBlu No family 2,313,894
Grizzly No family 0
Monadikos No family 3,633
Ploxbox No family 7,638
Cloud No family 7,566
Taco No family 31,158
KingThadox We Humble Few 516,816,863
Objects in possession
Prison Italy $ 0
President Switzerland $ 1,124,985
Blackjack USA $ 164,000
Ammunition factory USA $ 0
Prison USA $ 0
Penguino lives in a Mafia palace
Personal goals
Hit list Murder
Crimes Auction
Wheel of Fortune Higher / lower
Airport Work
Prison Crack the safe
Lottery Blackjack
Steal cars Respect
Drugs Ammunition factory
This friendship has been confirmed by both parties!
This rivalry has been confirmed by both parties!